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Bring your own Tent $100USD / per person

Shared 3 Person Glamping Tent $160USD / per person

Shared 2 Person Glamping Tent $220USD / per person

Single 1 Person Glamping Tent $320USD / per person



The second Inner Refuge episode will be hosted this April 26, 2018 through May 3, 2018 at Araucaria Forest in Valle de Bravo “Pueblo mágico”; (Magical town) where the Mexican Woodstock took place during the 70s.  

In this second episode we bind ourselves to the earth: nothing more important and basic than to be in harmony with the mother nature, to remind us that being in harmony and balance with everything that surrounds us we exist in a state of peace.

We will facilitate healing through encountering with ourselves, Nature and a group of beings with which to share this event in energy of union and love.



Seven days where through holistic work; Yoga, music, singing, dance, the wisdom of sacred plants, conscious nutrition and family fun, will lead us back to the path of the maximum expression of our Being, the one that also leads to the answer of why are we here.


They love it. Read what previous attendees had to say!

 I enjoyed the retreat which provided what it stated: an Inner Refuge in a natural sanctuary away from civilization where one can reconnect with nature and himself. Maria and the other team members did a great job at decorating and preparing the place so that we could be free to do anything we wanted: from yoga to mediation, to working with great shamans and medicine, the retreat was really a blissful experience from A to Z. I think not knowing what to expect it was even better as everything came always as a good surprise. We all connected with each other in a very beautiful and intimate way.

Inner Refuge provided space to learn, grow, experience, share, and love with others. The ability to take part in spiritual ceremonies, while also having immensely thought provoking lectures and discussions was truly a unique experience. Bringing together people from all over the world, from such diverse backgrounds, in such a beautiful place was a truly unique experience.

An incredibly powerful 10 days, where the ability to connect with oneself and an extraordinary community is enhanced by a fabulous setting and a crew that made me feel at home in one of the mayan coast most gorgeous places.


  By experiencing new things you change... When you are put into an unfamiliar environment, you are given the opportunity for a new perspective.

You are most likely going to be travelling far from home, so you’re giving yourself the opportunity to explore this world. By putting yourself in a new place you are giving yourself the chance to expand your vision.

By joining Inner Refuge , you will be accompanied by like-minded people, potentially making friends that will last you a lifetime.


A) What can I expect from Inner Refuge Mountain 2018?

Being nurtured and loved.

  B) What is the story behind Inner Refuge?

We are a group of beings that share the path towards consciousness awakening and expansion. We believe that we live in fundamental times for the evolution of human and planetary consciousness. We must begin by unlearning everything we have learned and returning to the simplicity that only Nature can teach us. Everything is there, waiting for us. It's just a matter of being still and receptive.  

C) What are the ticket prices?

We offer a menu of options, based on your dates and accommodation needs. This is a 7 night immersive experience. If you plan to stay for less than 7 days, please contact our team directly for your reservation and pricing.


Bring your own Tent $100 usd / per person
Shared 3 Person Glamping Tent $160 usd / per person
Shared 2 Person Glamping Tent $220 usd / per person
Single 1 Person Glamping Tent $320 usd / per person  

If you are coming by yourself and wish to share a tent, please let us know and we will match you with other guests who are looking to share.

D) What is included in my ticket?

Your Fee Includes:
• Tent accommodations
• Access to all of our daily content and experiences including:
• Daily Yoga
• Daily Meditation
• Spirit Lifting Workshops
• Live Musical Performances
• Ancestral Ceremonies
• Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks prepared by our team of chef’s, featuring healthy and delicious recipes. All of our food will be locally sourced and locally inspired

Each accommodation will be blending in with the natural background and within the camp you will have access to bathrooms, star-gazing showers, comfortable and shaded lounge & dining areas, a yoga deck, a delicious kitchen, and a healing tent.

Each bell tent has its own unique personality and will be decorated to offer you a cozy and unforgettable week.

Tents come prepared with:
Beds (singles or king)
Garment Rack

E) Participatory Tickets

For those of you who already have your accommodations or would like to bring your own tent, we are offering a small number of participatory tickets sold on a first-come- first-served basis. These tickets will be limited in order to protect the essence of the gathering. The rate for this is $100usd per person.

F) Nearest international airport:

México city.

G) Want to learn more?

For further information or to make your reservations, please contact us at: